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Learning About The Solar System With The Space Lapbook

This is a beautifully designed space lapbook to help preschool and kindergarten children understand more about planet Earth and everything around it. Space is one of the most intriguing topics for young children, and this is a great way to learn about the solar system interactively.

With a total of 15 pages, there is a lot for children to discover with this lapbook. It is easy to assemble the backgrounds, pockets and cover in just a short amount of time. Once it is initially put together, a number of activities are available.

Space Lapbook

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How to Make a Lapbook

A lapbook is a great learning experience, as well as an incredibly exciting thing to work on. It is something that parents, teachers, and children all enjoy for fun and educational purposes. From kindergarten classes to homeschool setups, they are increasing in popularity.

Life is a lot easier now that so many lapbook templates are downloadable from the Internet. There are a lot of free templates available, and even those with a fee are very affordable.

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Circle: Free Lapbook Templates

One of the simplest and most common lapbook templates out there is the classic circle quarter fold. Not only is it very easy to put together, but the folds are very easy to get down as well. The circle should look like a pizza or a pie, and it is folded into fourths to create a lapbook that is fairly small to fit in with an entire set up.

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Triangle Petal. Free printable lapbook templates

Triangle Petal (Circle Petal Fold)

When searching online, there are a number of free printable lapbook templates available for people to download. One of the easiest lapbook templates to use is a classic shape called the triangle petal. The template is very easy to follow, even for beginners. When unfolded, beautiful petals are revealed for children who love to learn in an interactive way.

free lapbook template pdf

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