Snowman Activities Printable and Worksheets


2PDF file / 34 sheets

Description of the Snowman Activities Printable and Worksheets PDF

2 PDF file / 34 sheets

Snowman Matching Game

5 sheets
+ Envelope for Storing and Sorting the Game

Game 1

Take one card with the body of a snowman and then pick-up and use the second card which has the head of the snowman that matches.

For each card with the body of a snowman, pick up a second card with the head of a snowman so that the figures are the same. For example, a triangular head, a triangular body.

Game 2

First print-out the additional sheet that has more shapes without the snowmen design. Choose two cards with different shapes and then match the snowmen shapes with them too.

Game 3

This is a more complex version of the 2nd game. First, choose two shapes but do not show them to a student. Instead, say the name of the shape out loud. Once the student has chosen two snowmen reveal the shapes you previously selected and then check whether the shapes the student chose were right.

Snowman Number Matching

10 sheets

+ Envelope for Storing and Sorting the Game

These printables are a wonderful way to work on developing counting and matching skills regarding numbers.

The snowmen have heads that feature a numeral between 1 and 10. Then there are snowballs with other ways of symbolizing the numbers such a hands holding-up fingers, pieces of dice, the numbers as words, and line-strikes symbolizing the numbers as well.

Then there are snowballs with other ways of symbolizing the numbers such a hands holding-up fingers, pieces of dice, the numbers as words, and line-strikes symbolizing the numbers as well.

It should be noted how there are some blank snowballs so you can write or draw in other ways to symbolize the numbers.

It is easy to print the sheets, laminate them, and then separate everything into individual pieces so that the kids can sort the numbers! Children will have a fun time matching the correct numbers together in their various representations!

This envelope can be printed as well and once folded-over and glued or taped together used to hold all of the snowman heads and body-pieces for the snowman number matching!

Snowman Matching Game

2 pages that provide the ability to make 9 cute snowmen!

About the Game:

This snowman matching game is a fantastic winter-themed activity to do with young kids. Children doing this game work on their visual discrimination and color skills while enjoying the snowman-themed imagery. This activity is perfect to do with preschool, pre-K, or an early childhood education classroom.

How to Play the Game:

Students look at the sheet with 9 possible snowmen combinations and then take the pieces from the 2nd sheet that have been cut into individual squares and move the pieces around to match each combination!

Snowman Matching Game

2 sheets

Snowman Matching Game. Preschool Winter Theme

Snowman Matching Game is a fun activity to do with young kids. Child needs to match a snowman with an item in it’s hands with a corresponding silhouette of that item on a Christmas-themed grid. This activity is perfect to do with preschool or an early childhood education classroom.

Snowman Worksheets for Preschool

15 sheets

Snowman Worksheets for Preschool

Snowman patterns, puzzle, writing, counting, snowman shape worksheets, Number-Matching Activity, Find the hidden bear, coloring pages.

❄️ Snowman Activities Printable and Worksheets: Frosty Fun for Learning! ⛄

Dive into the enchanting world of winter with our “Snowman Activities Printable and Worksheets“. This downloadable PDF package is a treasure trove of educational delights featuring Snowman Matching Games, Number Activities, and engaging Worksheets designed to bring the magic of the season to your classroom or home.

❄️ Embrace Winter with Snowman-themed Learning! ☃️📚

🎨 Snowman Matching Game: These delightful printables include a fun Snowman Matching Game that encourages little learners to boost their visual memory and concentration skills. The challenge? Find the matching pairs of charming snowmen.

🔢 Snowman Number Matching: Dive into the realm of numbers with Snowman Number Matching. This activity is perfect for helping young minds explore the world of numeracy and quantity.

📝 Snowman Worksheets for Preschool: The package also comprises engaging worksheets that cover a range of skills such as tracing, coloring, and more. These worksheets are not only educational but also packed with snowman-themed fun!

❄️ Educational Delights and Insights 📚🌱

🌟 Winter-Themed Engagement: Connect learners to the magic of winter, fostering an appreciation for the seasonal beauty and its significance in nature.
🧠 Memory and Concentration: The Matching Game enhances cognitive skills by challenging kids to remember the locations of different snowman cards.
🔢 Number Recognition: The Number Matching activity helps young learners develop number recognition skills.
📏 Fine Motor Skills: The worksheets promote fine motor skills through tracing and coloring activities.
👩‍🏫 Teacher’s Helper: These snowman printables can effortlessly be incorporated into various lessons, making learning both fun and memorable.

❄️📐 The Fascinating Science of Snowmen ❄️🎨

While not strictly a scientific topic, the creation of snowmen is a whimsical representation of human creativity, and their short-lived nature is a reminder of the fleeting beauty of the natural world. Each snowman is a unique masterpiece, shaped by its creator’s imagination and the laws of physics.

❄️🎓 Educational and Creative Benefits 🖍️🌟

Our “Snowman Activities Printable and Worksheets” not only instill educational value but also inspire the creative spirit within learners. They offer a bridge between the joy of winter-themed fun and cognitive development. These printables are versatile tools for teachers, making lessons more engaging and memorable.

☃️❄️ Learning Through Frosty Fun! 📚🧊

Download “Snowman Activities Printable and Worksheets” and witness the joy of winter come alive in your educational environment. These resources create memorable learning experiences, encourage creativity, and nurture a deeper appreciation for the magic of the season.

This winter, let your learning journey be as unique and charming as the snowmen themselves. ❄️⛄✨