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How to Make a Lapbook

A lapbook is a great learning experience, as well as an incredibly exciting thing to work on. It is something that parents, teachers, and children all enjoy for fun and educational purposes. From kindergarten classes to homeschool setups, they are increasing in popularity.

Life is a lot easier now that so many lapbook templates are downloadable from the Internet. There are a lot of free templates available, and even those with a fee are very affordable.

Picking out lapbook themes

There are endless theme options for lapbooks, which is a major reason why they are so popular. From complex themes to something very simple, most allow for their creativity to run wild.

In the early stages of a child’s life before formal school, themes should stay relatively simple. Covering general topics such as animals, numbers, colors and more makes a lot of sense. Older children can start to look at more complex themes related to those general topics. For example, learning about specific types of a certain animal is the logical next step.

Lapbook Cosmos

Preparing to make a lab book

There is not a lot of supplies that is needed to make a lapbook. In fact, a good starter list is below.

  • File folders

It’s important to purchase a few of these to have ready to go when additional ideas come to mind. These are available in bulk from just about any general store.

  • Binder and cardboard sheets

This is to help keep everything together in a organized way. Not having an organized lapbook is just going to cause a lot of chaos, to say the least. A binder and cardboard sheets are also pretty easy to find, either online or in a local general store.

  • Buying a lapbook and a set

To keep everything matched just right, some people prefer to buy lapbooks in a set. We at have a lot of different options for whatever a person is looking for. The sets come with very colorful sheets and a pre-made background. All it needs is a little bit of assembly upon arrival.

Water Cycle Lapbook

Water Cycle Lapbook

Setting up a plan

Once the supplies is purchased, set up the plan of attack. Feel free to draw a few out in a rough draft to see how everything fits at first. Think about what kind of pockets work best. It’s also important to consider where information needs put. There are countless ideas online for inspiration, as well as for templates for people who might be stuck.

The beauty of lapbooks is that there really is no set design. Teachers, parents, and students can create their own look depending on what they are inspired by.

Lapbook Template

Interactive Lapbook Template

Print off pre-made lapbooks

To save some time, there are always ready made kits available. We offer universal lapbook templates that are useable for virtually any topic. We also have a variety of sizes, which come in handy for educational and gaming purposes. With so many different templates to choose from, there is bound to be one or two that stands out.

All of our options can be found at