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Triangle Petal. Free printable lapbook templates

Triangle Petal (Circle Petal Fold)

When searching online, there are a number of free printable lapbook templates available for people to download. One of the easiest lapbook templates to use is a classic shape called the triangle petal. The template is very easy to follow, even for beginners. When unfolded, beautiful petals are revealed for children who love to learn in an interactive way.

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The template starts out with a circle, which is then folded in three different sides to create a triangle. A picture or design can go inside the triangle, revealing it after folding up each side. Additional triangle cut-outs are used to add information inside if necessary. There is no set use for a triangle petal. You can touch on basic drills or memorization particularly well. This template is very popular with younger children just starting out with lapbooks. It’s very easy to understand, and the instructions allow younger children to create all by themselves.


Cut out each of the three circles to start out with. Fold all of the flaps along the dotted lines that are provided. The last flap is then tucked under so that the book will stay closed when it is not in use. All of the triangles used are placed inside securely if the flaps are tucked in properly.

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All templates in color can be downloaded here:

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Uses and layout options

This triangle lapbook option goes well with any type of layout. It is a very versatile set up that is fun for all ages. It helps out with studying any topic imaginable.


Layout Options

There are many different layout options to make things look great inside a lapbook. Some people will go with just one triangle by itself. Others will form a hexagon, a straight line or a diamond shape. Depending on the theme a person is going for, they can customize as much as possible.