5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers


2 PDF files / 45 sheets

Description of the 5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers PDF

These 5 senses activities are delightful for introducing preschoolers to the simple practice of observing the world around them. They will discover their 5 senses and learn how their bodies work. Easy science activities for preschoolers using everyday items.

The 5 Senses Activities Include:  2 PDF/ 45 sheets

5 Senses Sorting Activity

10 sheets

This sorting activity is a stellar addition to any unit about the five sense or which is, “All about me.”


5 Senses Matching Activity

4 sheets

If you want to help your preschoolers learn about the five senses having sorting cards they mix-and-match is a great way to do so!

5 Senses Worksheets

5 sheets

These printable 5 Senses Worksheets help your students learn more about their body.

Senses of Taste Sorting Cards

4 sheets

These printable sorting cards for kids are great for learning about the sense of taste!

5 Senses Poster Set

6 sheets

These posters can be easily printed in the A3 or A4 format and work especially when on cardstock or if you use regular paper that is then laminated.

The Five Senses Taste Test

1 sheet

When it comes to our five senses the one that can cause the biggest emotions is the sense of taste. Some things are really sweet, others are sour, some salty, and then others are bitter.

+ Worksheets About the 5 Senses for Preschoolers

6 sheets

These worksheets are a fantastic way to help introduce the concepts of the five senses to your preschooler students!

+ 3 sheets

5 Senses Sorting Game with Clothespins

5 sheets

To make this game yourself, simply download the pictures of the five senses and items. Print them out, glue the item pictures to the clothespins, and attach the sense pictures to the cardboard circle. Then let the sorting fun begin!


Big Ears Printable

1 sheet


Total: 45 sheets

🌟 Exploring the World Through Senses: 5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers 🧠👁️👃👅👂

Welcome to an exciting journey that engages the senses of your preschoolers in fun, educational activities. Our “5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers” is a comprehensive PDF resource designed to help young learners discover the world through their five senses. With a wide range of interactive exercises, this package is the perfect addition to your educational toolkit.

📜 What’s Inside? Let’s Dive In!

  • 5 Senses Sorting Activity: This hands-on activity encourages children to explore and classify objects based on the five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.
  • 5 Senses Matching Activity: A delightful activity where children match images with the appropriate senses, enhancing their sensory recognition.
  • 5 Senses Worksheets: Engage young minds with various worksheets that cover each sense individually, promoting understanding and interaction.
  • Senses of Taste Sorting Cards: Introduce the sense of taste in a playful way with these sorting cards that feature various tastes, from sweet to salty.
  • The Five Senses Taste Test: An exciting taste test activity where students identify different flavors and discuss their experiences.
  • 5 Senses Sorting Game with Clothespins: A motor skill-enhancing activity that combines matching and pinning while exploring the senses.
  • Big Ears Printable: Encourage kids to understand and appreciate the sense of hearing with a printable activity focused on ears.

🧡 Learning About the Senses: Not Just Child’s Play

The senses are fascinating gateways to understanding the world around us. Here are some intriguing facts about the senses that both teachers and learners will appreciate:

👁️ Fact 1: The human eye is capable of differentiating around 10 million different colors. It’s truly remarkable how the eye interprets various wavelengths of light!

👂 Fact 2: Sound travels about four times faster in water than in the air. This is why sounds often seem distorted underwater, which is not only intriguing but also a valuable survival skill for marine creatures.

🌈 The Benefits of Our 5 Senses Activities

Our “5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers” is more than just a set of worksheets; it’s a holistic learning experience. Here’s how it benefits both educators and students:

  • 🎒 Educational Fun: Engage your students with a variety of activities that are both entertaining and informative.
  • 📚 Hands-On Learning: These activities are designed to enhance sensory perception and cognitive skills through tactile interaction.
  • 👩‍🏫 Teacher-Friendly: Say goodbye to endless preparation; our resources are easy to implement, saving you valuable time.
  • 👶 Early Development: Introduce the concept of the senses to preschoolers, helping them build a strong foundation for further education.
  • 🤝 Interactive Learning: Fosters collaboration and communication among young learners as they explore the world together.

Incorporate our “5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers” into your curriculum and watch as your students become more aware and appreciative of their sensory experiences. With these resources, your classroom will be filled with laughter, curiosity, and joyful learning.

🌐 Embark on a sensory adventure with our PDF resource and open up a world of exploration for your preschoolers! Download now and stimulate young minds with the magic of the five senses. 🧠👁️👃👅👂