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Circle: Free Lapbook Templates

One of the simplest and most common lapbook templates out there is the classic circle quarter fold. Not only is it very easy to put together, but the folds are very easy to get down as well. The circle should look like a pizza or a pie, and it is folded into fourths to create a lapbook that is fairly small to fit in with an entire set up.

There are a few reasons why this is such a popular template parents and teachers consider. For starters, it is one of the easiest ways for young learners to get involved. Once the instructions are provided, allow children to craft one themselves. They will get a lot of satisfaction in doing all the work independently.

Having a ton of versatility with content is also a major positive. Anything from riddles and vocabulary words to artwork works inside the lapbook. Let children show creativity, and use a few as learning tools as well. Children develop familiarity with this particular lapbook, which means they are more than happy to create different themes down the road. Once they learn, they won’t even need to rely on a template all the time.

Click to download a free template


The template is simply a circle to cut out in the beginning. Fold along the dotted lines to make it look like a slice of the pie. There is no set instructions on what fold needs to go first, as it will work the same no matter what.

All templates in color can be downloaded here:

Uses and layout options

The circle is divided four different ways, which allows for multiple-choice options if used as a learning tool. Artwork also works well inside, allowing for some fun reveals when fully opened.

Add additonal layers inside the lapbook if preferred. With the way it closes, everything is securely positioned without running the risk of damage.

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