Dental Health Printables


1 PDF file |  32 sheets A4


 1 PDF file |  32 sheets A4

“Happy and Sad Tooth,” Dental Health Printables

6 sheets

Dental Health Worksheets

Total: 8 sheets

  • Worksheets – 3 sheets
  • Tooth book – 3 sheets
  • Tooth Maze – 1  sheet
  • Monkey Paper Craft – 1  sheet

Dental Health Printable Worksheets

16 sheets + 2 sheets (black-and-white version)

These printable activity sheets are a helpful tool for teaching students all about dental health. They cover what kinds of food are good and bad for our teeth, the importance of brushing our teeth, and much more!

These teeth-themed worksheets are a smart way to introduce the concept of dental health to preschool and kindergarten students.

Total 32 sheets


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