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I Spy Game. Free Vegetables Theme Activities and Printables for Preschool

I Spy game for kids includes lots of colorful veggies. This I Spy would be a perfect compliment to a nutrition lesson plan if you are a teacher.

This printable includes one I Spy game sheet and one answer sheet to record the number of objects found.

Free printable vegetables theme

I Spy game for kids

The Benefits of I Spy Games for Kids
I Spy vegetables themed printables one are great for providing visual sensory input to kids, making them a great choice for visual sensory seekers. This printable requires kids to visually scan through the objects and find ones that are the same.

Vegetables Free Printable
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2480 by 3508 pixels

Playing I Spy with your kids is a great way to improve speech, language, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Download FREE flashcards Vegetables with Names for Preschoolers.

I Spy Vegetables
1 MB
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Fall lapbook | Fall activities for preschoolers

Fall-themed lapbook offer a variety of materials to use in creating a unique and versatile lapbook containing vivid, colorful and detailed cutouts in the form of seasonal clothing items, weather, animals, trees and other miscellaneous decorative flashcards.

Fall lapbook
Download Fall lapbook for kids
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