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Preschool Apple Activities Theme | Seed Collage

Seed Collage: Fun Process Art for Preschool

Seed Collage Preschool

Materials Needed:

  • Melon seeds (or other seeds, like apple, etc.)
  • Heavy paper (tagboard, poster board, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Apple templates
  • Glue

How to Make:

This is a very simple but enjoyable activity. Print the apple templates on heavy paper and cut out the apple shapes with scissors. Then, allow the kids to glue the seeds onto the apple shapes in creative patterns.


Apple Templates for Craft

Free printable apple coloring pages to use for crafts and various learning activities. Download template and let your child create!

Free printable apple templates to use for crafts and various learning activities.
Open the printable file below by clicking the image. Print out the file on A4, A3 or Letter size paper.
Have fun coloring the black & white printables.
Use the apples for your crafts and learning activities.

Apple Template
241 KB
2480 by 3425 pixels

Apple Tree Coloring Page Free Printable

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