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The Life Cycle of a Frog. Free Coloring Pages

We take a great deal of pleasure in providing colorful printables and pictures ideal for kindergartners , allowing teachers to make lessons as captivating as possible. Below is one of the topics our materials can help you cover;

What is a life cycle?

A life cycle refers to the changes that an animal goes through throughout its life. Different kinds of undergo different cycles. Frogs can lie on either land or water, but before they become adults, they only live in water.

Life stages of the frog

Frogs with eggs
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Frogs with eggs

Egg – A frog starts life as an egg. A female frog lays fertilized eggs in water, and they float until they hatch into tadpoles.

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Tadpoles coloring

Tadpole – when a tadpole hatches, it starts out looking like a fish. It does not have legs, and it uses gills to breathe underwater. It swims and eats water plants for a few weeks at it continues growing.

Todpoles coloring
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Young Frogs

Froglet – the tadpole now begins to grow legs while still in the water. Its tail also becomes shorter by the day. It then hops out of the water and on to dry land for its first time ever!

Frogs Family
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Frogs Family

Adult frog– the frog now starts eating insects on land, and its tail disappears. After 2 -4 years, the frog is now an adult and can lay its own eggs.

Questions to consider

  • How many legs do frogs have?
  • What is the difference between the front and rear legs?
  • Why do frogs have membranes on her fingers?
  • Do frogs have a tail?
  • What body features help frogs hide from enemies?

Frog Lapbook Printables

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Frog Lapbook

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