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Hedgehogs. Free Printable, Coloring and Activity Page for Kids

Hedgehogs are cute animals that children like so much. They are easily identified by the spines on their backs.

We have great activity pages for you with useful information for studying, printable coloring pages worksheets and various teacher resources that can help you learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Top Class Free Images

We offer great varieties of terms of free images, you also great an informative and educative platform that enables your kids to learn while at the same time getting valuable freebies. Here you can print a free image, click on it to open it in a large size. The size and quality of the images allows you to print even the material on the A1 format.

Hedgehog Template for Preschool

Stencils and Craft Templates

Hedgehogs are unique creatures with lots of great qualities. Think about the fact, that unlike porcupines, a hedgehog’s spines are not easily removed, and it usually curls into a ball when it feels threatened. Although they have poor eyesight, hedgehogs have very a very acute sense of smell, which allows them to find food and escape danger. Thousands of spines protect the hedgehog from predators. You can use these templates and stencils to create unique spines just the way you like it. You also draw thorns with a fork, palms, and glue autumn leaves into the background to give it a more authentic feel.

Christmas hedgehog
Christmas hedgehog 🙂

Hedgehog coloring pages

Hedgehogs are very useful to have around because they eat caterpillars, beetles, slugs, and other small critters that lurk around your home. Hedgehogs are actually pretty fast, and they have been known to run up to 6 feet (1.83 m) per second! There have been claims that hedgehogs love to dance, but that is yet to be proven.  Another fun fact about hedgehogs is that they are very good swimmers.

Download coloring pages with funny hedgehogs.

Autumn hedgehogs

Hedgehogs Hibernate!

Hedgehogs hibernate mainly after fall, and well into the duration of winter. This is mainly because the winter cold usually makes food scarcer, and they have to hibernate to avoid starvation. They don’t hibernate for long periods at a time though, they occasionally wake up to search for food to top up their reserve. 

Fun Activities

You can join in the fun, trace out the hedgehog and color it out before you print it, you can do all this in your own handwriting, and you have a little more fun with dot to dot printable pages on our worksheet!

More Information about Hedgehogs:

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