Dino Printable Activities


1 PDF / 36 sheets 

  • Dino Math Matching Worksheets
  • Printable Dino Paper Templates
  • Dinosaur Activity Worksheets
  • “Dino World,” Printable Book
  • Dino Color Matching Printable Activity


Dino Printable Activities

Dino Math Matching Worksheets

9 sheets

These worksheets feature the numbers one through ten and the various ways of expressing these numbers with a Dino-theme!

Printable Dino Paper Templates

8 sheets
These paper templates feature Dinosaurs and can be printed and then easily folded for fun!

Dinosaur Activity Worksheets

6 sheets

These Dinosaur activity worksheets are great to use with kids when doing a Dinosaur theme. They are fun and educational!

“Dino World,” Printable Book

4 sheets
This printable book is great fun for preschoolers! It is titled, “Dino World, ” and once printed and glued or taped together it can be flipped-through by children to enjoy and play a fun matching game with!

dino printable

Dino Color Matching Printable Activity

9 sheets

This printable activity features Dinosaurs and their eggs! By cutting-out a hole for the egg, children can put the Dinosaur and its egg over the color that matches the Dinosaur so that the egg matches too!

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