Space Theme Activities for Preschoolers


2 PDF/ 7 activities/ 23 sheets

Description of the Space Theme Activities for Preschoolers PDF

2 PDF/ 6 activities/ 23 sheets

  • Alien and Ship Shape Matching Activity
  • Space Words Spelling Worksheets
  • Space-Themed Color Matching Game
  • Solar System Printable Worksheet
  • Outer-Space I Spy Activity
  • Outer Space-Themed Tracing Printables
  • Solar System Printable and Flashcards

Solar System Printable Worksheet

2 sheets

There are eight planets in our solar system (as well as the planetoid Pluto which is sometimes controversially considered the ninth planet). Also, Earth has a moon.

Space-Themed Color Matching Game

5 sheets

These printables feature colorful spaceships, satellites, and telescopes that need to be matched with the text that states what color they are. This game is great for children who are learning about colors such as green, violet, red, orange, yellow, and blue.

Space Words Spelling Worksheet for Kids

3 sheets

These worksheets all feature words relating to space and are a fantastic way to help children work on their spelling skills!

Alien and Ship Shape Matching Activity

2 sheets

This shape matching activity involves matching aliens that have certain body shapes with their spaceships which are also uniquely shaped to fit their aliens!

Outer Space-Themed Tracing Printables

3 sheets

Outer-Space I Spy Activity

2 sheets


Solar System Printable and Flashcards

6 sheets

Create a Space Sensory Bin and have a tiny solar system in your classroom. Download and print the printable. Cut and laminate each of the pictures. Fill a large tub with dried black beans and place the planets inside.

Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Earth, Venus, Mars, Sun, Stars.

Solar System Flashcards for Preschool

🌌 Embark on a Cosmic Journey with Space Theme Activities for Preschoolers 🚀

Prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure with our Space Theme Activities for Preschoolers! This captivating PDF download is designed to ignite the curiosity of your young stargazers, making learning feel like a voyage through the galaxy. 🪐🛸

🚀 Why Our Space Theme Activities Are Stellar 🛰️

👾 Alien and Ship Shape Matching Activity: Engage your little astronauts in an entertaining challenge as they match colorful aliens and spacecraft to their respective shapes. It’s an otherworldly journey that sharpens their shape recognition skills.

🪐 Space Words Spelling Worksheets: Blast off into the world of spelling with these space-themed worksheets. Your tiny learners will practice spelling out space-related words while having a stellar time.

🌈 Space-Themed Color Matching Game: Explore the rainbow of the cosmos with our Space-Themed Color Matching Game. Children will match colors to their cosmic counterparts, expanding their color knowledge.

🪐 Solar System Printable Worksheet: Get ready for an interplanetary adventure! Your preschoolers can learn about the solar system and have a blast coloring their favorite celestial bodies.

🔍 Outer Space I Spy Activity: Sharpen those eagle eyes with our Outer Space I Spy Activity. Let your young space explorers search for hidden objects and have fun in the process.

🪐 Outer Space-Themed Tracing Printables: Hone fine motor skills and letter tracing with our space-themed tracing printables. It’s an excellent way to prep for writing readiness.

🌟 Solar System Printable and Flashcards: Dive into the mysteries of the solar system with our printable, complete with flashcards to introduce your little ones to the planets.

🌠 Discover Cosmic Curiosities 🌠

  • 🌕 The Moon’s Call: Did you know that the Moon’s gravitational pull creates tides on Earth? It’s the reason we have high and low tides on our planet.
  • 🌌 Space Symphony: In space, no one can hear you scream, but they can hear a sonic boom. Space is eerily silent because it doesn’t have an atmosphere to carry sound waves, unlike our vibrant Earth.

Launch into a cosmic learning experience with Space Theme Activities for Preschoolers and unveil the wonders of the universe. 🚀🪐🌠

Explore the final frontier of learning with Space Theme Activities for Preschoolers. 🌌🪐✨