Weather Printables and Worksheets


1 PDF file / 20 sheets



1 PDF file / 20 sheets

  • Weather Chart – 2 sheets
  • Weather Station  – 10 sheets
  • Temperature Worksheets: Hot or Cold?  – 2 sheets
  • Weather Worksheets – 6 sheets

Weather Chart

This printable weather chart can be used in a variety of ways with your class to talk about and learn all about the weather and weather phenomena.

Weather Station for Kids

This is a great activity for preschool students learning about the weather. By using this free printable that allows students to say how, “This is my weather station,” students can learn about types of wind, forms of weather, and the temperature.

Temperature Worksheets: Hot or Cold?

For these fun worksheets students need to examine the picture of a piece of clothing and then cut-out and paste the indication of it is the kind of clothing for hot weather or cold weather.

Weather Worksheets

These weather worksheets are great free printables to use in your classroom when the time comes to talk with your students about all the kinds of weather that exist–and tie-in other important lessons using the theme of weather as well!