Weather Printable Activities and Worksheets


1 PDF file / 32 sheets


Description of the Weather Printable Activities and Worksheets PDF

1 PDF file / 20 sheets

      • Weather Chart – 2 sheets
      • Weather Station  – 10 sheets
      • Temperature Worksheets: Hot or Cold?  – 2 sheets
      • Weather Worksheets – 6 sheets
      • Dress For the Weather Activity – 3 sheets
      • Weather Emotions Matching Game – 2 sheets
      • Time – 3 sheets
      • Board Game and Maze – 2 sheets
      • Math – 2 sheets

Total: 32 sheets

Weather Chart

2 sheets

This printable weather chart can be used in a variety of ways with your class to talk about and learn all about the weather and weather phenomena.

Weather Station for Kids

10 sheets

This is a great activity for preschool students learning about the weather. By using this free printable that allows students to say how, “This is my weather station,” students can learn about types of wind, forms of weather, and the temperature.

Temperature Worksheets: Hot or Cold?

2 sheets

For these fun worksheets students need to examine the picture of a piece of clothing and then cut-out and paste the indication of it is the kind of clothing for hot weather or cold weather.

Weather Worksheets

6 sheets

These weather worksheets are great free printables to use in your classroom when the time comes to talk with your students about all the kinds of weather that exist–and tie-in other important lessons using the theme of weather as well!

Dress For the Weather Activity

3 sheets

This activity involves taking little cards that have different kinds of clothing pictured and putting them on the correct sheet with a picture of a clothesline in different kinds of weather.

Weather Emotions Matching Game

2 sheets

This matching game can be played two ways! It involves matching either the emotions the weather is showing to the word at the top of a sheet with the little cards, or simply matching the type of weather itself.


3 sheets

Board Game and Maze

2 sheets



2 sheets

🌦️⛈️ Weather Printable Activities and Worksheets: A Meteorological Marvel! 🌈🌡️

Dive into the captivating realm of meteorology with our “Weather Printable Activities and Worksheets” PDF. This versatile educational tool will take learners of all ages on an exciting journey through the ever-changing world of weather, turning complex concepts into enjoyable, interactive experiences.

🌥️📈 Forecasting the Fun – What’s Inside? ☀️❄️

The PDF is your comprehensive guide to understanding and appreciating the wonders of weather. It features a diverse range of resources to suit various educational needs:

  1. Weather Chart: Encourage students to observe and record daily weather conditions, enhancing their understanding of seasonal changes and patterns.
  2. Weather Station: Immerse students in hands-on weather observations and recording, fostering valuable meteorological skills.
  3. Temperature Worksheets: Explore the concepts of hot and cold through engaging exercises, promoting comprehension of temperature variations.
  4. Dress For the Weather Activity: Connect weather conditions with appropriate attire, making students more weather-savvy.
  5. Weather Emotions Matching Game: Foster emotional intelligence by associating feelings with weather phenomena.
  6. Time Worksheets: Seamlessly incorporate weather into the learning of time, offering a multidisciplinary approach.
  7. Board Game and Maze: Make learning a thrilling adventure with games that reinforce weather-related knowledge.
  8. Math Worksheets: Boost numeracy skills through weather-themed math activities.

🌡️⚗️ Unlocking Scientific Wonders – Fascinating Weather Facts 🌪️🌫️

  1. Water Cycle: The Earth’s water cycle is an incredible process that continuously circulates water throughout the planet. Water evaporates from the Earth’s surface, forms clouds, and falls back as precipitation. Understanding this cycle is essential for comprehending weather patterns.
  2. Tornado Formation: Tornadoes, one of nature’s most powerful forces, form when warm, moist air collides with cold, dry air. This collision can create a rotating, upward-moving column of air, leading to the development of a tornado.

🧑‍🎓👩‍🏫 Benefits for Educators and Students 🎓👨‍🏫

For Educators:

📚 Comprehensive Resource: This PDF offers a wealth of materials to support teaching weather and its principles.
🌟 Engagement: Make lessons more captivating with hands-on activities and interactive worksheets.
🏞️ Multidisciplinary Learning: Encourage students to explore various aspects of weather, connecting scientific knowledge with everyday life.
📝 Customization: Tailor the activities to fit your students’ age, level, and specific learning objectives.

For Students:

🌦️ Practical Learning: Encourage an understanding of the world around them through practical meteorological exercises.
🎯 Life Skills: Equip students with the ability to comprehend and predict weather patterns, aiding in planning for various activities.
🌈 Emotional Intelligence: Connect emotions with weather conditions, fostering a well-rounded perspective on the world.
🕒 Math Integration: Enhance numeracy skills by linking mathematics with real-world weather data.

🌤️📚 Weather Wisdom for Every Season – Explore and Learn! 📚🌪️

Our “Weather Printable Activities and Worksheets” PDF is a valuable educational resource that bridges the gap between meteorology and everyday experiences. Download and print to initiate engaging, insightful lessons on the captivating world of weather! 🌨️📖