Zoo Adventure Financial Board Game for Kids



Zoo Adventure
The rules of this game are similar to the well-known game Monopoly, but simplified for children who are just starting to learn about money and finances.

1 PDF file / 12  sheets

Rules of the game

Players want to build their own zoo for the animals by purchasing animal cards–these animals are a part of their zoo!

Purpose of the game

You win by being the only player who has not gone bankrupt.

12  sheets!

How to play the game

*Each player is given the same amount of money–20 dollars.

*To begin, the players take turns rolling the dice. The player with the highest number starts.

*The first player rolls the dice and moves the piece along the arrow over the number of squares that fell on the dice.

*Depending on which kind of square the player stops on, he/she performs the following actions:

Buys an animal (if the field is not occupied by another player)

Pays for visiting the animal (if that animal belongs to another player)

Takes a Chance card

Buys ice cream or skips the next turn

*After completing a full lap–when the player crosses the start field again–he/she receives 10 dollars from the bank.

*When a player stops at a field with an animal no one else owns, he/she can buy it. If this happens, the player pays the banker the amount indicated on the field. Then, the player receives a card of the animal and is the owner, the card then must be placed on this field face-up.

*If a player owns a field with an animal, they receive payment from other players who stop there. When a player has collected all animals of the same type (color, they have a monopoly. Then they lay down a big card and this raises the cost of paying for visits to their animals. The cost is indicated on the cards.

*If a player cannot pay for visiting the animal enclosure owned by another player, or pay with the “Chance” card, they are declared bankrupt and leave the game.

*If a player rolls a double, they take their turn as normal and then roll again.

*The game continues until only one player remains. He/she becomes the winner.