Valentine Bingo Cards for Preschoolers


1 PDF / 20 sheets


1 PDF / 20 sheets. Color and B&W printable cards. Valentine bingo is great to play as a family, in a classroom, or for a party.

Valentine’s Day Bingo for Preschool

8 sheets

valentine bingo for kids

Valentine’s Day Bingo B&W

8 sheets

Bingo cards 4 sheets

Bingo  Game

  1. Print all 8(Color or B&W)sheets + 4 sheets of cards Valentine Bingo pages. Each player gets a different bingo board.
  2. Cut the square cards.
  3. Pick some kind of object to mark your squares. Bingo Chips: buttons, mini erasers, pom poms, candy, or heart shapes.
  4. Place the squares cards in a hat or box.
  5. When the “caller” pulls an image out of the box or hat and it is on a player’s board, the player colors that image or use a chip.
  6. When one player gets 3 colored squares (3 chips) in a row that person wins!

Total: 20 sheets

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