Secret CVC Words


1 PDF/ 25 sheets


1 PDF/ 25 sheets

Secret CVC Words (Short Vowels A E I O U)

This activity include 60 CVC secret code cards. Just print, cut, and laminate the secret code CVC activity mats. Students will need magnetic letters or dry erase makers to spell the word.

Short A

CVC Words for Short A: cat, bat, jam, ham, mad, van, pan, cab, tag, nap.

Secret CVC Words

Short E

CVC Words for Short E: bed, red, fed, met, get, wet, hen, pen, leg, web.

Short I

CVC Words for Short I: kid, did, pig, wig, zip, fin, tin, win, him.

Short O

CVC Words for Short O: top, hop, dog, log, nod, box, fox, got, not.

Short U

CVC Words for Short U: bug, tug, fun, sun, hut, cut, bus, hum, cub, gum.

This secret code activity will get your preschoolers spelling CVC words by identifying the beginning sound of each picture to spell the word.