Secret CVC Words


1 PDF/ 25 sheets

Description of the Secret CVC Words PDF

1 PDF/ 25 sheets

Secret CVC Words (Short Vowels A E I O U)

This activity include 60 CVC secret code cards. Just print, cut, and laminate the secret code CVC activity mats. Students will need magnetic letters or dry erase makers to spell the word.

Short A

CVC Words for Short A: cat, bat, jam, ham, mad, van, pan, cab, tag, nap.

Secret CVC Words

Short E

CVC Words for Short E: bed, red, fed, met, get, wet, hen, pen, leg, web.

Short I

CVC Words for Short I: kid, did, pig, wig, zip, fin, tin, win, him.

Short O

CVC Words for Short O: top, hop, dog, log, nod, box, fox, got, not.

Short U

CVC Words for Short U: bug, tug, fun, sun, hut, cut, bus, hum, cub, gum.

This secret code activity will get your preschoolers spelling CVC words by identifying the beginning sound of each picture to spell the word.

Unlock the world of reading with our “Secret CVC Words PDF”! This downloadable and printable resource is thoughtfully designed to engage young readers in a captivating learning adventure. With a focus on short vowels A, E, I, O, and U, it introduces children to the magic of CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words in an interactive and fun way.

Key Features:
CVC Word Discovery: The PDF includes a variety of CVC words for each of the short vowels A, E, I, O, and U. Children will delight in the challenge of decoding these words and discovering the magic of blending consonants and vowels to create meaningful words.

Interactive Learning: The resource turns learning into a game. It encourages children to decode secret words by filling in missing vowels and consonants. This hands-on approach fosters early reading skills and language development.

Printable and Customizable: The PDF is designed for easy downloading and printing, offering flexibility for parents and teachers to select and print specific word sets based on the unique needs and progress of their young readers.

Preschool-Friendly: The CVC words are presented with clear, easy-to-read fonts and age-appropriate images to enhance comprehension and engagement for young readers.

Short Vowels Exploration: By focusing on short vowels A, E, I, O, and U, this resource provides an essential foundation for early reading and phonics.

Interesting Fact:
CVC words are a crucial stepping stone in early reading development. They help children grasp the foundational relationship between consonants and vowels, which is the key to reading and fluency. The simplicity of CVC words makes them an excellent starting point for young readers to build their confidence and skills in decoding words.

“Secret CVC Words PDF” is more than just an educational tool; it’s a journey into the world of reading. Download and print this resource to create an interactive and engaging learning environment where children not only explore the secrets of CVC words but also embark on the exciting path to becoming confident readers. CVC words are the building blocks of literacy, and this resource is the key to unlocking that world.