Printable Animal Puzzles


1 PDF file / 38 sheets

Description of the Printable Animal Puzzles PDF

Animals Cards, Puzzles and Coloring Pages

Wild Animals Cut and Paste Puzzles

6 sheets
These puzzles of wild animals can be cut and pasted by preschoolers as a fun puzzle!


Farm Animals Cut and Paste Puzzles

6 sheets
These puzzles can be cut-up and then pasted together to make the indicated image of the farm animal.

Coloring Pages with Examples

12 sheets

These coloring pages for toddlers allow them to learn about animals and have fun coloring! There are examples too of how to do the worksheets. Kids will love coloring these in!

Cards with color pictures of animals

2 sheets / 12 cards

The cards can be used for games.

Game examples

  • You could ask, “What animal doesn’t belong?” and present three forest animals and one domestic pet.
  • Another game could be where you ask, “Which card is gone?” as a memory game. You can show 6 cards with animals, then hide one and ask the child to remember which card is missing.
  • You could also play a general game of, “Memory,” if you print two copies of the cards, having children match two as they flip cards over.

+ 12 full-size animal pictures


Total: 38 sheets

🧩 Unlock the Fascinating World of Animals with Our Printable Animal Puzzles! 🦁🧒

Get ready for a wild journey into the animal kingdom with our “Printable Animal Puzzles.” Whether you’re a dedicated preschool teacher or a parent looking to ignite your child’s curiosity about the animal world, you’ve just stumbled upon an educational treasure chest designed to turn learning into a captivating adventure.

Why Choose Our Printable Animal Puzzles? 🎨🐾

🐆 Wild and Farm Fun: Our product isn’t just about animals; it’s a zoological fiesta. With “Wild Animals Cut and Paste Puzzles” and “Farm Animals Cut and Paste Puzzles,” children will explore creatures from the savannah to the barnyard, while honing their fine motor skills through creative puzzle-solving.

🖌️ Colorful Creativity: Learning should be a colorful experience. Our “Coloring Pages with Examples” allow kids to bring animals to life with their own strokes of brilliance, while “Cards with color pictures of animals” introduce them to a stunning menagerie of vibrant fauna.

🌍 Animal Insights: Our puzzles and activities offer more than just entertainment; they’re a gateway to understanding the rich diversity of the animal kingdom, from the exotic lions and tigers to the friendly farmyard companions.

🦔 Fascinating Fauna Facts:

  • 🦜 Animal Artistry: Some animals, like the male peacock, use vibrant and intricate displays to attract mates. Our coloring pages capture this artistry.
  • 🐷 Farmyard Friends: Did you know that pigs are highly intelligent and can even outsmart dogs in some cognitive tests? Our farm animal puzzles celebrate the cleverness of these barnyard buddies.

🧩 Educational Entertaiment: Our resources are more than just puzzles; they’re a fun pathway to animal discovery, sparking an enduring love for the creatures that share our planet. 🌟🎨🐮