Animal Worksheets: Australia, Asia, Desert


1 PDF / 36 sheets

Description of the Animal Worksheets: Australia, Asia, Desert PDF

1 PDF / 36 sheets

Desert Worksheets

10 sheets

These desert worksheets are all themed for those hot and sandy landscapes! These are a great way to learn various subjects while tying them in with a desert theme.
Count and compare.

  • Sand Dune Tracing. Count the dunes. Trace an even number in blue, and an odd number in red.
  • Creatures in the desert. Find and outline all the animals.
  • Snakes. Count and color snakes by the matching total number of cells
  • Vultures on a tree. Write down how many birds are sitting on the left branch, on the middle branch, and on the right branch.
  • Baby turtles. Count and write the total numbers of eggs, baby turtles on the sand, and adult turtles in the water.

Asian Animals Worksheets

10 sheets

These worksheets feature animals found on the Asian continent! Asia is the largest of all the continents and covers a lot of geographic and climate zones, resulting in a fascinating mixture of creatures found there.

  • Who is it? You need to fill in the letters to spell the name of the animal.
  • Where? To do this worksheet you find and circle the animal according to the coordinates. + black-and-white version.
  • Find 10 Differences between Two Pictures
  • Family Felidae. This worksheet features big cats and math equations that equal what kind of creature they are! + black-and-white version.
  • Elephant Counting Worksheet. For this worksheet, you trace the elephant and then fill-in the counting sections with the needed missing digits. + black-and-white version.

Asian Reptiles for Kids

4 sheets

Black-and-white and color versions of the Asian Reptiles landscapes as well as sheets with black-and-white or color versions of the reptiles themselves.

Australian Cut and Paste Landscape

3 sheets

This cut and paste landscape activity helps children to cut out and then paste images of various animals found in Australia!

Animals of Australia Worksheets

9 sheets

These fun worksheets are all themed for the exotic animals of Australia.

  • Australian Animals. Children need to find and color all the letters that make up the name of the reptiles.
  • Find the letter by color
  • Amadina. For this worksheet, the birds have shapes within various body parts that correspond to the color you should fill in each aspect of the birds.
  • Bird Count Worksheet. + black-and-white version can be colored-in for additional fun as well!
  • For next worksheet, lines are drawn from the initial letter (A) to spell, “Australia.” + black-and-white version.
  • Connect the Circles. For this worksheet, you need to draw a line connecting the circle to the correct kind of animal pictured–mammal, birds, or fishes.

Total: 36 sheets

🌍 Explore the World’s Unique Habitats with Our Animal Worksheets: Australia, Asia, and Desert! 🦘🐪

Prepare for a global adventure through some of Earth’s most extraordinary ecosystems with our “Animal Worksheets: Australia, Asia, Desert.” Whether you’re an enthusiastic preschool teacher or a parent eager to introduce your child to the fascinating animals and landscapes of these distinct regions, you’ve just unlocked a treasure trove of educational resources designed to make learning about the world’s diverse habitats an immersive journey.

Why Choose Our Animal Worksheets: Australia, Asia, Desert? 📚

🏜️ Desert Delights: Our product isn’t just about animals; it’s a sand-swept expedition into the arid beauty of desert landscapes. With “Desert Worksheets,” kids will uncover the unique features and inhabitants of these challenging environments.

🦜 Asian Awesomeness: Journey to the vast continent of Asia, home to a remarkable array of wildlife. “Asian Animals Worksheets” and “Asian Reptiles for Kids” introduce children to the captivating fauna of Asia, from the regal Bengal tiger to the slithery king cobra.

🌄 Australian Artistry: Dive Down Under into the enchanting landscapes of Australia with “Australian Cut and Paste Landscape” worksheets. Children can create their very own Australian scenes while gaining insight into the diverse terrain of this remarkable country.

🦘 Educational Insights: Our worksheets offer a gateway to understanding the animals, landscapes, and climates of these unique regions, fostering curiosity about the world’s diverse habitats.

🌎 Fascinating Facts and Wonders:

  • 🌵 Desert Diversity: Deserts, while harsh, are far from barren. They are teeming with life, and some desert creatures, like the kangaroo rat, have fascinating adaptations to survive in these extreme conditions.
  • 🏞️ Australian Icons: Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife, including the iconic kangaroo and koala. The continent’s isolation has led to the evolution of many distinctive species.

🌍 Educational Excursions: Our resources are a passport to the captivating landscapes and wildlife of Australia, Asia, and the desert, sparking an appreciation for the diversity of life on our planet. 🌟🌏🐨