Polar Bear Activities


1 PDF: 32 sheets


Polar Bear Cutting Activity Pages

4 sheets

This is a great shape themed activity for the littles! It is also just a great fine motor skill activity.

Polar Bear Number Strip Puzzle 0-10

4 sheets

This is a polar bear themed number strip puzzle. Students will order the numbers 0-10. There are two puzzles ( color and black and white) in total that can both be done for fun!

10 Polar Bears. Number Ordering Activity

4 sheets (in color and Black-and-white)

Included in this set are polar bears with the numbers 1-10 and polar bear with the numbers 10-100 (counting by tens) so you can choose which skill your students practice.

Polar Bear Letter Match Activity

9 sheets

It is a fun, hands-on way for your preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice matching lowercase and capital letters.

Polar Bear Winter Clothes Color Matching Activity

2 sheets

These cards all involve sorting polar bears by winter clothes different colors.

Bear Craft Templates

5 sheets

Shape matching activity + Coloring page

2 sheets

There are various blank spaces that need shapes inserted and matching shapes with the rest of the image upon them.


Total: 32 sheets