Polar Bear Activities


1 PDF: 32 sheets

Description of the Polar Bear Activities PDF

Polar Bear Cutting Activity Pages

4 sheets

This is a great shape themed activity for the littles! It is also just a great fine motor skill activity.

Polar Bear Number Strip Puzzle 0-10

4 sheets

This is a polar bear themed number strip puzzle. Students will order the numbers 0-10. There are two puzzles ( color and black and white) in total that can both be done for fun!

10 Polar Bears. Number Ordering Activity

4 sheets (in color and Black-and-white)

Included in this set are polar bears with the numbers 1-10 and polar bear with the numbers 10-100 (counting by tens) so you can choose which skill your students practice.

Polar Bear Letter Match Activity

9 sheets

It is a fun, hands-on way for your preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice matching lowercase and capital letters.

Polar Bear Winter Clothes Color Matching Activity

2 sheets

These cards all involve sorting polar bears by winter clothes different colors.

Bear Craft Templates

5 sheets

Shape matching activity + Coloring page

2 sheets

There are various blank spaces that need shapes inserted and matching shapes with the rest of the image upon them.


Total: 32 sheets

Dive into the enchanting world of polar bears with our “Polar Bear Activities PDF.” This downloadable and printable resource is carefully curated to engage young explorers, parents, and educators in an exciting journey through the Arctic. It’s an educational adventure filled with captivating activities that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and learning.

Key Features:

Polar Bear Cutting Activity Pages: Foster fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children cut out and assemble polar bear-themed shapes and figures.

Polar Bear Number Strip Puzzle 0-10: Help children grasp number sequencing and enhance counting skills with an interactive puzzle that spans from 0 to 10.

10 Polar Bears Number Ordering Activity: Explore numbers and their order with a delightful activity featuring ten polar bears. It’s a playful way to boost numeracy.

Polar Bear Letter Match Activity: Encourage literacy development by matching letters to their corresponding images related to polar bears.

Polar Bear Winter Clothes Color Matching Activity: Promote color recognition and vocabulary development through a fun activity involving matching polar bears with their winter attire.

Bear Craft Templates: Let creativity soar with craft templates that allow children to create their own polar bear-themed art, fostering artistic skills.

Shape Matching Activity + Coloring Page: Engage in shape recognition with a matching activity and bring polar bears to life through coloring, all in one delightful page.

Printable and Customizable: The PDF resource is easily downloadable and printable, allowing parents and teachers to select specific activities based on the unique needs and progress of young learners.

Interesting Fact:
Polar bears are remarkable creatures uniquely adapted to their Arctic habitat. Did you know that their scientific name, Ursus maritimus, means “maritime bear”? This name reflects their incredible swimming abilities, as polar bears are powerful swimmers, known to cover long distances in search of food. Their fur may appear white, but it’s actually translucent, with the skin beneath being black to absorb and retain heat, making them perfectly suited for the extreme cold of the Arctic.

The “Polar Bear Activities PDF” is more than just an educational resource; it’s a thrilling expedition into the world of polar bears and their habitat. Download and print this resource to create an interactive and engaging learning environment where children can discover the wonders of the Arctic and its iconic inhabitants while developing essential skills. Explore the unique adaptations of polar bears and watch young learners embark on an adventure of learning and creativity.