Penguin Activities Printables


1 PDF file (24 sheets)

Description of the Penguin Activities Printables PDF

Penguin Color Matching Activities

5 sheets (10 colors). Students will practice color identification and sorting by color as they attach color hats to penguins.

Penguin Activities Printables

Penguin Fine Motor Scissor Skills For Preschool

4 sheets. This penguin printable makes introducing scissors to your kids much easier.

Penguin Worksheets

Penguin Shape Matching

4 sheets. This Penguin shape matching activity is great fun to do with your students! It is wonderful for doing an Antarctic theme full of snow, ice, and penguins!

Penguin Activities Printables

Penguin Number Matching Printable

2 sheets. Includes numbers 1-6. Count the number of dots on the cube, number of fingers and match to numeral on the penguin’s tummy.

penguin numbers

Penguins and Fish Counting

5 sheets. Print and cut out the cards. Match the penguin cards to the fish cards! Counting up to 10

Penguins and Fish Counting Printable

Fish Pattern Worksheets

4 sheets. These fish cards will help your students learn a variety of patterns and sequences including ABAB, ABB, AAB, AABB, ABC + Fish cards to create your own patterns.

Pattern Worksheets

Total: 24 sheets

Dive into a world of frosty fun and learning with our “Penguin Activities Printables PDF.” This downloadable and printable product is your ticket to a polar adventure, packed with activities to entertain and educate. Get ready for shape matching with playful penguins, dive into number matching with these adorable birds, and immerse yourself in a sea of colorful fish patterns. It’s learning and creativity wrapped in an Antarctic theme!

What’s Inside:

Penguin Shape Matching: Help your little ones improve their visual and cognitive skills by matching penguin shapes. This activity is as cool as it sounds!

Penguin Number Matching Printable: Dive into a pool of numbers and learn to match them with the help of friendly penguins. Count on some serious fun!

Colorful Fish Pattern Worksheets: Discover the beauty of patterns with colorful fish-themed worksheets. It’s a fin-tastic way to explore math and art together.

The “Penguin Activities Printables PDF” is not just a learning resource; it’s a winter wonderland of creativity and fun. Download and print this engaging toolkit to create an interactive learning environment where children can play, explore, and develop essential skills.

Fun Fact #1: Penguins are excellent swimmers, and some species can swim at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour! They use their flippers to propel themselves through the water with agility, making them one of the most skillful underwater creatures.

Fun Fact #2: Ever wondered how penguins stay warm in the frigid Antarctic? They have a layer of blubber beneath their skin that acts as natural insulation, keeping them cozy in icy waters and sub-zero temperatures. It’s like nature’s very own wetsuit!

So, get ready to embark on a chilly, waddling adventure with these playful penguin printables. Let the learning and laughter commence!