CAFE Role Play Pack for Kids. Interactive Lapbook


Are you tired of your children spending way too much time in front of TV screens, tablets, and smartphones? If so you should definitely consider ordering a copy of CAFE role play pack “Pastry shop” (Sweet shop) .


Description of the CAFE Role Play Pack for Kids. Interactive Lapbook PDF

Are you tired of your children spending way too much time in front of TV screens, tablets, and smartphones? If so you should definitely consider ordering a copy of CAFE role play pack “Pastry shop” (Sweet shop) .


This print-ready PDF lapbook template is a great game for children since it encourages their creativity and their motor skills as they cut and glue together different sorts of cafe products. Furthermore, this CAFE role play pack promotes your child’s imagination as he/she pretends to be a customer or a seller. Your child will develop a dramatic role play skills in no time. Through the game, he/she will also learn about all sorts of products that can be found in a cafe.

Printables are contained inside a 19-page PDF template with a beautiful and colorful design that your children will simply adore. The whole package includes the following items:

  • a cover
  • 4 sheets backgrounds
  • 4 sheets with fruit slices and cookies and 6 pockets to hold the items once cut out
  • 1 sheet to create a coffee machine
  • 2 sheets with cups
  • 1 sheet with plates
  • sheet with the menu
  • 1 sheet with juices
  • 1 sheet with cakes
  • 1 sheet with cupcakes
  • 2 sheets with candies

The amazing thing about this product is that you can print it out multiple times, as such there is no reason for your child to be sad if he/she makes a mistake. You can also select to print out only certain pages if he/she needs more cupcakes for instance.

It is appropriate for kids of different ages. In case your child is too young to handle the scissors, you can help him with that part and spend some quality time together while playing his new favorite game. Meanwhile, you explain to him/her what exactly are individual parts. However, for the children above 7 years old, it should be no problem to figure it out on their own.

Submit your order now, print it out and let your child enjoy this amazing game.

CAFE Role Play Pack for Kids: Interactive Lapbook ☕

☕ Immerse Your Little Ones in the World of Cafe Fun! 🍰🍽️

  • Lapbook Adventures Await
  • 🍰 Cafe Role Play Set
  • 🥤 Savor the Learning

Transform playtime into a delightful cafe experience with our “CAFE Role Play Pack for Kids: Interactive Lapbook”! ☕🍰

☕ A Cafe World Awaits! 🌍☕

  • 🍰 Cover and Backgrounds: Setting the Perfect Scene
  • 🍪 Pockets for Your Edible Creations
  • 🍽️ Coffee Machine and Tableware
  • 🧁 Delicious Menu Options

Bring the joy of dining out to your little ones with our interactive lapbook, creating a magical cafe role play setting that nurtures creativity and learning. 🍰🍽️

☕ Delicious Learning Moments 🍰📚

  • 🌟 Interactive Play: This lapbook takes kids on a culinary adventure, where they serve, create, and learn while playing.

  • 📖 Educational Fun: Kids explore culinary creativity and develop fine motor skills as they engage with the world of cafes.

☕ Benefits for Teachers and Inquisitive Learners 🧐🍰

Why “CAFE Role Play Pack for Kids” is Perfect for Children’s Learning:

  1. 🧁 Creative Expression: Encourages imaginative and creative play, helping children express themselves.

  2. 🥂 Social Skills: Role-playing fosters social interaction and cooperation, promoting empathy and communication.

🌍 Exploring Fascinating Cafe Facts! ☕🌍

  1. Cafe Culture Origin: The concept of cafes can be traced back to the 15th century in Constantinople, modern-day Istanbul, where they played a vital role in public life.

  2. The Coffee Capital: Vienna is renowned as the world’s coffee capital, with a rich cafe culture dating back to the 17th century. These cafes were historically hubs for artists and intellectuals.

☕ Educational Benefits Served with a Slice of Fun! 🍰🌟

Discover why our “CAFE Role Play Pack for Kids: Interactive Lapbook” is a must-have:

  • 🍰 Creative Exploration: Nurtures creativity and imagination as children take on roles, serve meals, and explore the world of cafes.

  • 📚 Learning Through Play: Promotes interactive learning, improving fine motor skills, and fostering social development.

  • 🥤 Interactive Fun: Offers an enjoyable way to understand the concept of cafes, food preparation, and social interactions.

☕ Time for Cafe Adventures with Our Interactive Lapbook! 🍰☕

Elevate your child’s playtime to an educational experience, promoting creativity, imagination, and social skills. Download now to embark on a delightful cafe role-playing journey! 🍽️🍰🍹🎉


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