Math Worksheets and Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten


Description of the Math Worksheets and Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten PDF

Worksheets About Learning Numbers

13 sheets

These worksheets are fantastic for young children who are in the process of learning about numbers. By doing these fun worksheets, children can further develop their number recognition abilities and counting skills.


2 sheets

Preschooler Sorting and Matching Game With Houses

2 sheets + coloring

This sorting and matching game is for preschool-level students. It features a variety of colorful houses and different sheets that have varying guides about how to sort the houses–sometimes by size, house color, windows, roof patterns, and roof colors.

Logic Game for Preschoolers Featuring Colors and Shapes

3 sheets

Assign a student a task to choose the shapes that correspond to the task card.

The set contains cards that. :

*Have strikethrough colors – this means you cannot select those shapes of a given color.

*Have crossed out shapes – do not select shapes of a given shape.

For example, on the card, the colors red and green are crossed out, and the shape is a circle (top picture). So we select all the shapes corresponding to this task: Not circles (just square, oval, rectangle, and triangle) and not red and green (we just pick blue and yellow).

Task cards can be combined. You can always add additional restrictions on colors and shapes.

Making a Zebra Out of Geometric Shapes Activity

3 sheets

This fun printable activity allows you to make a zebra out of various geometric shapes and give it an assortment of poses! By doing this activity children can work on their puzzle skills, imagination, and learn more about shapes.

Popsicle/Plastic Stick/Straw Matching Activity for Preschool

5 sheets

By using popsicle sticks, plastic sticks, or colorful straws, you can do this fun matching activity! You just need to examine the printables and then use your sticks/straws to create the same design pictured by matching them on top of the printable!


Total: 29 sheets

🌟 Embark on a Mathematical Adventure with Our Preschool and Kindergarten Math Worksheets and Activities! 🌟

Get ready to journey into the captivating realm of numbers, shapes, and mathematical wonders with our “Math Worksheets and Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten.” Whether you’re an enthusiastic preschool teacher or a parent eager to ignite your child’s love for math, you’ve uncovered a treasure chest of educational resources designed to turn learning into an engaging and interactive expedition.

Why Choose Our Math Worksheets and Activities? 📚

Number Sense Adventure: Our worksheets are more than mere paper; they’re a gateway to mastering numbers. From counting to number recognition, our resources cover it all. Young learners can explore and conquer the world of digits, building a strong foundation for mathematical success.

🏠 Sorting and Matching Splendor: Learning goes beyond numbers; it extends to shapes and logical thinking. Our “Preschooler Sorting and Matching Game With Houses” is an imaginative adventure where young minds can engage in sorting and matching activities while building whimsical houses.

🧩 Logic Unleashed: Logic is the key to problem-solving, and our “Logic Game for Preschoolers Featuring Colors and Shapes” is the perfect training ground. It’s a game of patterns, shapes, and colors, encouraging children to think critically and creatively.

🦓 Geometric Artistry: Mathematical concepts come to life with our “Making a Zebra Out of Geometric Shapes Activity.” It’s not just about learning shapes; it’s about creating art with geometry. Young artists can piece together shapes to form their own zebra masterpiece.

🌟 Math Marvels:

  • Counting Wonders: The concept of counting is one of the earliest math skills children learn. Ancient humans used tally marks, pebbles, and even their fingers to count. Our math worksheets build on this foundational skill.
  • 🎲 Game of Logic: The world of math is filled with intriguing games and puzzles. For instance, the Rubik’s Cube, invented in 1974, is a 3D puzzle that has over 43 quintillion possible combinations. Our logic game introduces young learners to the joy of mathematical puzzles.

🔠 Early Mathematics Matters: Early math education is crucial for a child’s cognitive development. It fosters problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and the ability to understand complex mathematical concepts as they grow.

Dive into the captivating world of math with our Worksheets and Activities, where every page is a stepping stone to mathematical mastery. Let’s print, explore, and learn together! 🌈🧮📚