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Make learning about all the different farm animals fun and exciting with this lapbook! A total of 10 animals are featured throughout, allowing kids to color, play games, customize the lapbook and more. There are endless learning opportunities with this book, and the attention to detail makes it a great value.


  • 18 sheets in total
  • Fully customizable cover
  • 10 pockets for farm animal cards
  • A large pocket for worksheets
  • A variety of single and multiplayer games

This is one of the most complete lapbooks for farm animals on the market today. Each pocket is perfect for storage of up to 10 cards. This allows for teachers and parents to create their own cards if they wish to add to the lapbook.

The big pocket in the middle features a large picture of all the animals, as well as their young. Children can learn about the differences between cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, etc.

Games are always a fun way for children to learn without even realizing it. A lot of kids will take the opportunity to play each game several times..

Some of the featured games include:

  • 4 sudukus
  • 4 labyrinths
  • maze
  • mom, dad and cub puzzles
  • search and trace
  • card games like “who’s footprints” and “products”

It’s important to test all the different games out at first with the child. After they are properly introduced, they can then make so decisions on the ones they like to play and the ones they do not like.

The Farm Animals in The Lapbook.

Farm animals are not only spotted on the farm, but they are some of the most common animals found in neighborhoods. Additional conversations can be sparked by these animals, allowing for kids to really learn about what makes the different and stand out from the rest.

  1. Cat, Kitty
  2. Dog, Puppy
  3. Hen, Rooster, Chick
  4. Goose, Gosling
  5. Turkeys, Turkey chicks
  6. Duck, Drake, Duckling
  7. Cow, Bull, Calf
  8. Sheep, Ram, lamb
  9. Goat, Billy goat, Kid goat
  10. Pig, Sow, Piglet



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