Fall Activity Packets and Worksheets


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Fall Activity Packets & Worksheets

These worksheets are themed for the Fall–making them perfect for these cool months of leaves falling and food being harvested!

  • “Build a Scarecrow,” Papercraft Game – 3 sheets
  • Crow Counting Math Game for Kids – 4 sheets
  • Printable Fall Bingo Game for Kids – 10 sheets
  • Printable Pattern-Matching Game for Kids – 5 sheets
  • Sunflower and Corn Play Dough Mats – 2 sheets
  • Fall/Autumn Season Worksheets – 15 sheets

Total: 39 sheets

“Build a Scarecrow,” Papercraft Game

3 sheets

This fun papercraft game is all about building a scarecrow! It is a game that can be played alone and involves rolling a die to determine which parts of the scarecrow you assemble on the picture with the wooden post.

Crow Counting Math Game for Kids

4 sheets

This game involves counting-up and sorting crows. Playing this game is a stellar way for kids to learn how to count and sort groups of numbers of items. Little ones will also love how it has crows–a fun and loud bird!

Assembling the crowing counting game
Print the pictures on thicker printer paper, such as cardstock. Print two copies of the pictures of the crows.
In the large tree picture, make cuts with a sharp knife along the side-lines of the nests. Then, each piece is inserted with the sides going into the cuts in the picture and then glued to the back of the picture, the lower protruding part of the socket is simply glued to the picture.
Insert all the nests this way and glue all the nests on the picture with the tree.

Rules of the game. The number on the nests is how many crows live there. Children need to take the correct number of crows and place them in their nest so that all the crows are used and the nests are completely filled.

Printable Fall Bingo Game for Kids

10 sheets

This bingo game is themed for Fall and great fun to do with your kiddos! It features all kinds of things associated with Fall that children are sure to enjoy seeing.

Printable Pattern-Matching Game for Kids

5 sheets

This printable game is great for children who are learning about patterns and want to work on matching them. Each sheet has a pattern with a blank space where a matching piece can be put to complete the pattern!

Sunflower and Corn Play Dough Mats

2 sheets

This craft is great for fine motor skills among kids of all ages. Kids can use pieces of play dough to fill in holes and that requires they carefully use their hands.

Fall/Autumn Season Worksheets

15 sheets

These worksheets are great to use during the Fall season. They deal with many aspects of the Autumn months and are fun and educational!

Total 39 sheets

🍂 Embrace the Spirit of Autumn with Our Fall Activity Packets and Worksheets! 🎃📚

Get ready to embark on a seasonal adventure filled with the magic of fall, creative papercraft, counting fun, and educational worksheets with our “Fall Activity Packets and Worksheets.” Whether you’re a dedicated preschool teacher or a parent eager to bring the charm of autumn to your child’s learning, you’ve just discovered a treasure trove of educational resources designed to turn this colorful season into a playground of knowledge.

Why Choose Our Fall Activity Packets and Worksheets? 🌻🍁

🎨 Creative Scarecrow Fun: Our product isn’t just about numbers and words; it’s an artistic escape into the heart of fall. With the “Build a Scarecrow Papercraft Game,” children can create their own adorable scarecrows, blending creativity with learning.

🧮 Counting Crows: Learning numbers should be interactive and exciting. Our “Crow Counting Math Game for Kids” lets children playfully explore math by counting crows. It’s a chance to turn math into a game of feathers and fun.

🎃 Pattern-Matching Puzzles: Patterns are like little riddles waiting to be solved. Our “Printable Pattern-Matching Game” challenges kids to unlock the secrets of patterns and hone their problem-solving skills while enjoying the beauty of fall-themed patterns.

📚 Autumnal Wisdom: Fall is a season teeming with knowledge and nature’s wonders. Our “Autumn Season Worksheets” introduce children to the magic of fall through educational activities that encompass science, language arts, and creativity.

🍂 Fascinating Fall Insights:

  • 🍁 Leaf Colors: The changing colors of fall leaves are the result of chemical processes in the leaves. As chlorophyll breaks down, the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows become visible. Our activities celebrate this stunning transformation.
  • 🎃 Harvest Season: Fall is harvest season in many parts of the world. It’s the time when crops like pumpkins, apples, and corn are gathered. Our worksheets can teach children about the significance of this season in agriculture.

🍎 Educational Harvest: Our fall-themed resources are more than just fun and games; they’re an educational harvest of autumn’s wonders. 🌞🍎🍂