Arctic and Antarctic Animals Worksheets


1 PDF / 16 sheets


Antarctic Animals Worksheets

6 sheets

These worksheets are all themed for Antarctic animals and are great fun to do during a learning segment focused on this coldest continent!

  • Antarctic Scene Puzzle
  • Sea Animal Worksheet. For this worksheet, you fill in the circle for the correctly matching animal.
  • Antarctic Whales. To do this worksheet you identify tails that connect with certain whales and draw a line from the matching tail to its correct whale!
  • Northern Squid. On this worksheet, you need to find all the letters of the word, “Antarctica,” and draw lines to them that create the squid’s tentacles.
  • Penguins Worksheet. This worksheet requires you to draw lines on the ice floes so that they are shared equally between the group of penguins!

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschoolers

6 sheets

Animals that live in the Arctic are some of the hardiest and strongest around! They put up with very cold and harsh conditions, this makes them very interesting.

  • Funny Seal Worksheet. Color each Seal by the numbers indicated so there is a total count of deals with each design shown at the bottom of the worksheets.
  • Arctic Spelling. Find and color all the letters of the word ARCTIC, then color the picture.
  • Counting Whales Worksheet.
  • Arctic Animals Worksheet. Color a white circle only for Arctic animals.
  • Arctic Birds Worksheet. Cut and paste bird pictures.
  • Color by Number Worksheet.

Antarctica Cut and Paste Landscape

2 sheets

This sheet features a beautiful Antarctic landscape that you can cut and paste animals from the other sheet onto!

Bear Craft Templates

2 sheets

Students get to cut all the pieces out and then assemble them to look correct before proceeding to glue everything together! There are two fun templates!