Arctic and Antarctic Animals Worksheets


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Description of the Arctic and Antarctic Animals Worksheets PDF

Antarctic Animals Worksheets

6 sheets

These worksheets are all themed for Antarctic animals and are great fun to do during a learning segment focused on this coldest continent!

  • Antarctic Scene Puzzle
  • Sea Animal Worksheet. For this worksheet, you fill in the circle for the correctly matching animal.
  • Antarctic Whales. To do this worksheet you identify tails that connect with certain whales and draw a line from the matching tail to its correct whale!
  • Northern Squid. On this worksheet, you need to find all the letters of the word, “Antarctica,” and draw lines to them that create the squid’s tentacles.
  • Penguins Worksheet. This worksheet requires you to draw lines on the ice floes so that they are shared equally between the group of penguins!

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschoolers

6 sheets

Animals that live in the Arctic are some of the hardiest and strongest around! They put up with very cold and harsh conditions, this makes them very interesting.

  • Funny Seal Worksheet. Color each Seal by the numbers indicated so there is a total count of deals with each design shown at the bottom of the worksheets.
  • Arctic Spelling. Find and color all the letters of the word ARCTIC, then color the picture.
  • Counting Whales Worksheet.
  • Arctic Animals Worksheet. Color a white circle only for Arctic animals.
  • Arctic Birds Worksheet. Cut and paste bird pictures.
  • Color by Number Worksheet.

Antarctica Cut and Paste Landscape

2 sheets

This sheet features a beautiful Antarctic landscape that you can cut and paste animals from the other sheet onto!

Bear Craft Templates

2 sheets

Students get to cut all the pieces out and then assemble them to look correct before proceeding to glue everything together! There are two fun templates!

🌊 Dive into a Frozen Wonderland with Our Arctic and Antarctic Animals Worksheets! 🐧🌎

Get ready to embark on an icy adventure to the polar extremes of our planet with our “Arctic and Antarctic Animals Worksheets.” Whether you’re a passionate preschool teacher or a parent eager to introduce your child to the captivating world of polar creatures, you’ve just uncovered a treasure trove of educational resources designed to turn learning about the Earth’s frozen realms into an interactive and engaging expedition.

Why Choose Our Arctic and Antarctic Animals Worksheets? 📚

🏞️ Polar Landscapes: Our product isn’t just about animals; it’s a visual journey into the stark beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. With “Antarctica Cut and Paste Landscapes,” children can explore the unique landscapes and gain an understanding of the polar environments.

🐻 Bear Craft Magic: Learning about polar bears is more than just reading facts; it’s about crafting and creating. Our “Bear Craft Templates” allow kids to make their very own polar bear creations, merging art with education.

🐧 Icy Insights: Polar animals are a world of extremes. Our worksheets introduce children to the fascinating creatures that call these frigid regions home. From the resilient penguins of Antarctica to the iconic polar bears of the Arctic, kids will discover the wildlife that thrives in icy conditions.

🌎 Polar Facts and Wonders:

  • ❄️ Frozen Extremes: Did you know that Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on Earth? It’s also the only continent with no indigenous human population.
  • 🐾 Polar Survival: Polar bears are magnificent swimmers and can cover long distances in search of food. In fact, they’ve been known to swim for days in search of seals. Our worksheets bring these incredible feats to life.

🌊 Educational Exploration: Our resources are a window to the captivating polar ecosystems, sparking curiosity and a passion for the planet’s natural wonders. 🌟🌊🐾