Zoom-Themed Worksheets and Activities


1 PDF/ 31 sheets


Zoom Worksheets and Activities

1 PDF/ 31 sheets

  • Zoom Screen Position Matching Game – 4 sheets  (+ color page)
  • Zoom-Themed Worksheet About Numbers – 2 sheets (+black and white version)
  • ZOOM Sudoku Activities – 2 sheets
  • I Spy Game – 1 sheet (+black and white version)
  • Find Differences  – 1 sheet (+black and white version)
  • Zoom Scavengers Hunts – 4 sheets
  • Zoom-Themed Worksheets – 10 sheets

ZOOM Sudoku

Zoom Screen Position Matching Game

This printable activity simulates being on a, “Zoom,” call! It is a great way to pretend to be using Zoom while also doing a fun puzzle.

You can print the computer screen as well as the cards with the, “Video,” images of the children. The printables also ask your own children to place the Zoom-screen children in certain places. Once everything is printed it can be laminated before being cut-out so that it is easy to do the activities multiple times and come up with your own matching games too.

Game 1:

  • Girl with a flower in the center
  • Mia in the lower left
  • Girl with a cat in the box above Mia
  • Boy with headphones above Emily.
  • A boy with a picture in the lower right corner
  • Emma to the right of James
  • Boy with a cup between Emma and Noah
  • Liam in the last open spot

Zoom-Themed Worksheet About Numbers for Children

This worksheet features animals having a pretend call on the popular teleconferencing program, Zoom!

There are nine animals total in their own little video-squares and they all have different signs with numbers and/or dots. Some of the animals have blank spaces because the children need to fill in the spaces.

4 Different Zoom Scavengers Hunts

Below are three different Zoom-based Scavenger Hunts that you can do in the home with your child and then share with other participants via Zoom!

Two Zoom-Themed Worksheets

10 sheets

These worksheets are themed for the popular Zoom software that is used for teleconferencing. They are fantastic for preschoolers who are learning about the subjects these worksheets cover (letters, numbers, etc.) and who have used Zoom or are learning how Zoom works.

Total: 21 sheets