47 Shape Worksheets


2 PDF files, 47 shape worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten


  1. PDF file 18 sheets
  2. PDF file 29 sheets

Penguin Shape Matching

4 sheets

This Penguin shape matching activity is great fun to do with your students! It is wonderful for doing an Antarctic theme full of snow, ice, and penguins!

Shapes-Within-Shapes Sorting Puzzle Worksheet

4 sheets

These printable worksheets are great for helping students to sort shapes that then fit within shapes. These puzzles encourage spatial consideration as students fit the correct pieces within a shape to make it whole. There is a circle, rectangle, square, and triangle to assemble.

2D Shape Sorting Mats and Worksheets

6 sheets

These printables are great for helping younger students with recognizing certain two-dimensional (2D) shapes.

Shape Pattern Worksheets

4 sheets

These Shape Pattern Worksheets are great for putting patterns in the proper order.

2 PDF file 29 sheets

Shape Worksheets

12 sheets

For these printable worksheets students practice tracing a variety of shapes and then count them up!

Free Shapes Worksheets for Preschoolers

4 sheets

This printable worksheets are wonderful for preschool students who are learning about shapes. Each worksheet discusses a shape and then has a number of pictures which serve as examples of that shape.

  Printable Pumpkin Shape, “Memory,” Matching Game

2 sheets


Shape Worksheets

11 sheets