Feelings And Emotions Worksheets


  • Face Templates
  • Emotion-Themed Worksheets
  • Eye and Mouth Emotions-Matching
  • Emotion Faces Activity

Total 29 sheets

Description of the Feelings And Emotions Worksheets PDF

Emotions can be a hard thing for children to understand. We get these big and overwhelming feelings that are difficult for little ones to put into words.

These emotion worksheets and activities are easy to print and use to talk about our feelings with students and how faces can often represent our emotional state.

Face Templates

13 sheets

These blank face templates an assortment of outlines of children’s faces.
They have a wide variety of hairstyles and feature no skin-tone so that any preferred skin color can be drawn-in.
Also, there is one template that has no top to its head so that a different hairstyle can be drawn-in if desired as well. These blank face templates can be used for a wide variety of activities at school.

Emotion-Themed Worksheets

5 sheets

These worksheets are helpful at putting words to emotions and assisting in understanding why we at times feel different emotions.

Eye and Mouth Emotions-Matching

2 sheets

This activity involves matching the eyes of an emotion with a mouth expressing those feelings.
There is one sheet that can be cut into the individual cards for the activity and a mini-sheet that can be used as a reference-sheet/example while doing the activity for a total of two sheets.

Emotion Faces Activity

5 sheet

These emotion faces are easy to print and use to talk about our feelings with students and how faces can often represent our emotional state.

Weather Emotions Matching Game

2 sheets

This matching game can be played two ways! It involves matching either the emotions the weather is showing to the word at the top of a sheet with the little cards, or simply matching the type of weather itself.

Bear Emotions Activity

2 sheets

Students match the bear’s face to the correct outline that describes a different emotion. The emotions discussed are being happy, sad, sleepy, angry, embarrassed, and in love.

Total 29 sheets

🤗📝 Explore Feelings and Emotions in a Creative Way with Our Worksheets! 🎨🧐

Welcome to a world of emotions, where we understand, embrace, and express what’s in our hearts. Whether you’re a dedicated preschool teacher or a caring parent eager to help children navigate the realm of feelings, you’ve found a resource that will make the journey through emotions both educational and entertaining.

Why Choose Our Feelings and Emotions Worksheets? 🎭🌦️

🎨 Face Templates: Dive into a realm of artistic expression with our face templates. Let children create unique characters that reflect various emotions, encouraging them to explore the nuances of each feeling.

😀 Emotion-Themed Worksheets: Explore a spectrum of emotions, from joy and excitement to sadness and anger. These themed worksheets help children identify and relate to different feelings in a fun and engaging way.

👁️ Eye and Mouth Emotions-Matching: Our activities aren’t just about recognizing emotions; they’re about understanding the facial expressions that accompany them. Match eyes and mouths to see how different feelings manifest.

🌦️ Weather Emotions Matching Game: Make connections between emotions and weather with this imaginative game. It’s a creative way to teach children how feelings can be compared to the changing weather.

🐻 Bear Emotions Activity: Learn about emotions with the help of adorable bear characters. This activity lets kids explore feelings through storytelling and role-playing.

🧠 Fascinating Emotion Insights:

  • 💡 Universal Expressions: While cultural norms can influence emotional expression, some emotions, like happiness and sadness, are universally recognized through facial expressions.
  • 🧘‍♀️ Emotional Intelligence: Teaching kids about emotions from a young age fosters emotional intelligence, helping them understand and manage their own feelings and empathize with others.

🎭 Emotional Discovery: Our worksheets are a creative path to understanding feelings, promoting self-awareness and empathy. 🌈💓🎉