Earth Day Coloring Pages and Ecological Signs


1 PDF – 14 sheets


1 PDF – 14 sheets

Earth Day Coloring Pages: How to Behave in the Nature

12 sheets

The coloring pages feature a set of simple yet important messages for children on how to behave when they are out in nature.

These messages include:

  1. Do not catch small animals.
  2. Do not destroy bird nests.
  3. Do not catch butterflies.
  4. Do not tear down spider webs.
  5. Do not destroy ant hills.
  6. Do not step on mushrooms.
  7. Do not litter.
  8. Do not play loud music.
  9. Do not cut down trees.
  10. Do not break branches.
  11. Do not pick flowers.
  12. Do not light fires.

Earth Day Activities

A Collection of Ecological Signs for Earth Day

2 sheets – 8 cards

These messages remind children to be mindful of their impact on the environment and to show respect for the plants and animals that call it home.