Recycling Sorting Activity and Worksheets


2 PDF / 20 sheets

Description of the Recycling Sorting Activity and Worksheets PDF

2 PDF file/ 20 sheets

Do your kids or students feel unsure about what can and can’t be recycled? Then this Recycling Sorting Activity is perfect for them!

Recycling Sorting Activity Printable

7 sheets

With this fun sorting activity, they can learn which items can be recycled and which can’t. The set includes recycling pictures of 20 different items that children can dispose of into separate bins: metal, glass, paper, plastic, and compost.

Recycling Sorting Activity Printable


Recycling Sorting Worksheets

4 sheets

Cut out pictures of trash items located at the bottom of each worksheet. Mix up the trash items on the table and then ask your child to sort the trash into the correct cans.

Recycling Sorting worksheets

Garbage Decomposition Times Cards

2 sheets

This printable activity is a great way to give examples that answer the question of why it is better to recycle than throw things away by illustrating how long it can take certain kinds of garbage to fully decompose.

Garbage Decomposition Times

Printable Earth Template

2 sheets

Both colored and black-and-white versions are available. Use our printable template to create your own Earth craft.

Printable Earth Template

Living and Non-living Printable Activities

5 sheets
Classify living and non-living things.

Living and Non-living Printable Activities

Total 20 sheets

Dictionary definition of Recycling and Sorting

Recycling: the reprocessing of discarded waste materials for reuse, which involves collection, sorting, processing, and conversion into raw materials which can be used in the production of new products – A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation

Sorting (present participle of sort): to put a number of things in an order or to separate them into groups – Cambridge Dictionary

Introducing our “Recycling Sorting Activity and Worksheets PDF,” a versatile and engaging resource designed to inspire eco-conscious learning in both the classroom and at home. This downloadable and printable product provides children and teachers with a hands-on experience in understanding the importance of recycling and environmental stewardship.

Key Features:

Interactive Recycling Activities: This PDF includes a range of hands-on activities that encourage children to learn about the recycling process. From sorting recyclables to identifying recyclable materials, it makes environmental education an exciting adventure.

Educational Content: The worksheets and activities are thoughtfully crafted to align with educational goals. Children will not only understand the significance of recycling but also enhance their knowledge of materials and their environmental impact.

Printable and Customizable: This resource is easily downloadable and printable, offering flexibility for teachers and parents to select and print specific worksheets and activities. Customize your eco-friendly curriculum to suit your educational needs.

Teacher’s Companion: Teachers will appreciate the convenience of having a companion for classroom instruction. It helps in creating an engaging curriculum that integrates recycling education seamlessly into the learning process.

High-Quality Graphics: The PDF features high-quality illustrations that clearly depict recyclable and non-recyclable materials, making it visually appealing and effective in conveying important environmental concepts.

Promotes Environmental Awareness: By participating in these activities and worksheets, children develop a deeper understanding of the impact of their actions on the environment. It instills a sense of responsibility and promotes eco-friendly behaviors from a young age.

Suitable for Various Learning Environments: Whether you’re a teacher looking to enhance your environmental curriculum or a parent eager to educate your child about recycling, this resource is adaptable to different learning settings.

Encourages Critical Thinking: Children are encouraged to think critically about their choices and actions when it comes to waste and recycling, fostering a generation of environmentally responsible individuals.

Recycling Sorting Activity and Worksheets PDF” is an invaluable resource for educators and parents alike. It transforms recycling education into an interactive and enjoyable experience, fostering a lifelong commitment to environmental sustainability. Download and print this resource to create an eco-conscious learning environment, where children become active stewards of the planet, understanding the importance of recycling for a greener future.