Pop-Up Paper Doll House


Paper dolls are incredibly fun to play with and these files are perfect for making a pop-up house!

10 sheets

Description of the Pop-Up Paper Doll House PDF

Paper dolls are incredibly fun to play with and these files are perfect for making a pop-up house! You can print these files, cut them out, and then have them stand-up.

It is recommended you use a thick paper or cardstock so that these pieces of the paper doll house are sturdy and can stand up easily. There is a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and the various items you find in these rooms such as a bathtub, cooking appliances, and a bed.

5 sheets + 5 black-and-white

There are versions of all of these files in both color as well as black-and-white should you want to color-in these house files and give them a personalized appearance and color!

Total: 10 sheets


🏠 Step into the Magical World of Pop-Up Paper Doll Houses! 🏠

Prepare for a whimsical journey into the enchanting universe of our “Pop-Up Paper Doll House.” Whether you’re a devoted preschool teacher or a parent yearning to kindle the fires of creativity in your child, you’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of resources designed to make learning and play a delightful adventure.

Why Choose Our Pop-Up Paper Doll House? 🏡

strong>A 3D Wonderland: Our paper doll house is not your run-of-the-mill craft project; it’s a mesmerizing, three-dimensional realm where young imaginations take flight. Assemble and customize your very own dollhouse, exploring its nooks, crannies, and charming details.

🧒 Creative Expression: This isn’t just a construction kit; it’s an artistic adventure. Little architects can unleash their creativity as they design and decorate each room, turning the dollhouse into a reflection of their imagination.

🎉 Endless Play: Once the dollhouse is complete, the real fun begins! It’s an invitation to storytelling and role-playing, allowing young minds to weave tales, create characters, and immerse themselves in the magical world they’ve brought to life.

🏡 Dollhouse Delights:

  • Rare Retreat: Dollhouses have been cherished playthings for centuries, dating back to 16th-century Europe. They were often used for educational purposes, teaching young girls about domestic management and social etiquette.
  • 🏰 Little Worlds: Dollhouses provide a miniature window into architecture, design, and lifestyle from different time periods. They are like a time machine that transports us to bygone eras.

🔑 Fine Motor Skills: Building and playing with a dollhouse encourages the development of fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. It’s an educational journey wrapped in the guise of play.

🪄 The Art of Patience: Creating a dollhouse is a lesson in patience. It’s a project that unfolds gradually, teaching children to plan, execute, and savor the rewards of their hard work.

Step into the magical world of our Pop-Up Paper Doll House, where every page becomes a portal to a world of imagination and creativity.