Bee Themed Printables


These worksheets and activities are all themed for bees and are great to use in preschool!

1 PDF/24 sheets

  • Bee-Themed Worksheets and Posters
  • Bee-Themed Story Sheet Activity
  • Bee Honeycomb Shape Matching
  • Bee-Themed Paper Craft Template
  • Colorful Bees Matching Activity

Description of the Bee Themed Printables PDF

Bee Honeycomb Shape Matching Printable

5 sheets

For this activity sheet, there are different bees who all have their own uniquely-shaped honeycombs! Children need to match the honeycomb to its correct shape and paste it where it belongs.

Bee-Themed Story Sheet Activity

2 sheets

These 2 sheets feature a nature scene on one sheet and an assortment of bees on the other sheet. You can place the bees in various spots on the nature scene and use them to tell a story about how bees help pollinate plants and make honey.

Bee-Themed Paper Craft Template

2 sheets

This paper craft is themed for bees and their home, also known as a hive! You can print everything on a heavy cardstock paper and then with some careful cutting and gluing make your own beautiful hive and bees that enjoy living there! It is a very fun and educational paper craft!


Bee-Themed Worksheets and Posters

13 sheets

There is a black-and-white version you can color as well as a fully pre-colored version as well.

Colorful Bees Matching Activity

2 sheets

This matching activity features colorful bees that need to be matched with the word that describes their color as well as an object associated with bees which also has the matching color–three matches in total!

Total: 24 sheets

🐝🌻 Buzzing with Knowledge: Bee-Themed Printables 📚🐝

Dive into the world of these industrious insects with our Bee-Themed Printables! This delightful PDF offers a hive full of educational treasures that will have your young learners buzzing with excitement. 🌼🐝

Why Choose Our Bee-Themed Printables? 📦📖

🍯 Sweet Learning: Uncover the secrets of bees and their incredible production of honey. Our bee-themed worksheets and posters provide a fascinating look into these buzzing wonders.

📝 Storytelling Adventure: Get ready for a flight of imagination with our Bee-Themed Story Sheet Activity. Let your little ones create their own bee-inspired stories, fostering creativity and language skills.

🐝 Shape Sorting Fun: The Bee Honeycomb Shape Matching activity is a delightful way to explore shapes. Match the buzzing bees to their honeycomb homes while honing those important shape recognition skills.

✂️ Crafty Creations: Get crafty with our Bee-Themed Paper Craft Template! Watch as your children bring these adorable bees to life with colorful paper and a touch of creativity.

🌈 Colorful Exploration: Our Colorful Bees Matching Activity will have your kids matching bees to their colorful counterparts, providing a fun and vibrant way to reinforce color recognition.

📣 Bee-lieve These Fascinating Facts!

🌸 Nature’s Gardeners: Bees play a vital role in pollinating flowers and plants, contributing to the growth of many of the foods we love.

🐝 The Dance of the Bee: Bees communicate with each other through a unique dance that conveys the location of food sources. It’s like a secret language of the hive!

Our Bee-Themed Printables offer a fantastic way to introduce children to the fascinating world of bees. Not only will they learn valuable lessons, but they’ll also develop a deep appreciation for these incredible insects.

Let the adventure take flight as your children explore the captivating realm of bees with Bee-Themed Printables. 🌻📚🐝