Printable Nativity Scene Craft


1 PDF – 6 sheets

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Description of the Printable Nativity Scene Craft PDF

1 PDF – 6 sheets

Easy Printable Nativity Scene Craft

This simple paper craft is suitable for all ages, from kids to adults. The finished nativity scene is perfect for storytelling the first Christmas.

Nativity Scene Backdrop: 3 sheets

Print out three sheets of background for the nativity scene and glue them together. The star of Bethlehem, angels, and the starry night sky—all elements are present in the background.

Printable Nativity Scene Figures: 2 sheets

1 – Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus; 2- Three kings; 3-Donkey; 4-Cow;  5-camel; 6,7,8 – three paper sheep;

Strips of paper: 1 sheet

Roll the strips of paper into rings. Glue the rings to the back of the figures so that they can stand on the table.

Total: 6 sheets