Number counting activities


Our Number Houses make it easy for children to count and visualize quantities to 10!

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Children Game, Kids Activity Sheet

Number counting activities printable for kids

Number Houses

Our Number Houses make it easy for children to count and visualize quantities to 10!
Kids select a window with number that add up to the target number.
Develops skills in identifying numbers, understanding numbers and quantities, and composing and decomposing numbers.


counting activities printable

The package contains:

  • 9 number houses (2-10) full color
  • 9 number houses (2-10) coloring pages, worksheets

Tags: Addition Worksheets, counting numbers, counting 1 to 10 with pictures, counting activities for kindergarten, activities for first grade

🏡 Number Counting Activities: Fun and Educational Number Houses 🏠

Welcome to Number Counting Activities, a delightful and interactive PDF product designed to make learning numbers an engaging and memorable experience for young minds. This educational resource allows children to explore the world of numbers in a unique and creative way, fostering a solid foundation for future mathematical success.

🏡 What’s Inside Number Counting Activities? 🧮

  • Number Houses: These charming and colorful Number Houses are tailor-made to assist children in understanding and visualizing quantities from 1 to 10. Each house represents a number, turning abstract concepts into tangible, relatable, and fun learning experiences.

🏠 The Wonders of Number Counting Activities 🌟

Number Counting Activities is more than just numbers; it’s a gateway to a world of exciting learning:

  • Hands-On Education: The Number Houses are a hands-on tool that encourages children to manipulate and explore numbers. This tangible experience promotes a deeper understanding of math.

  • Visual Learning: By associating numbers with unique houses, children learn to visualize quantities and establish connections between numbers and their magnitudes.

  • Count and Play: Learning is best when it’s fun! These activities turn counting into an enjoyable game that kids will eagerly participate in.

  • Versatile Learning: This resource can be adapted to cater to different age groups and learning levels, making it suitable for various educational contexts.

🎓 Benefits of Number Counting Activities 📚

Number Counting Activities offers numerous advantages for both students and educators:

  • Early Math Proficiency: Children develop solid counting skills and a deep understanding of numbers through hands-on activities.

  • Improved Visual Memory: Associating numbers with vivid visual elements enhances visual memory and cognitive development.

  • Math Engagement: The engaging and interactive nature of this product sparks a lasting interest in mathematics.

🏡 The Path to Math Proficiency Starts with Number Counting Activities 🏠

Number Counting Activities transforms the often challenging journey of learning numbers into a joyful and engaging experience for young learners

The Number Houses, in their simplicity, offer a unique and interactive way to build a strong foundation in mathematics.

🧮 Download Number Counting Activities today and empower your young learners with an innovative approach to counting and number visualization. 🏡🎓✨


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