Posters for Preschoolers on Fire Safety “If There’s a Fire at Home!”


1 PDF (7 sheets)

Description of the Posters for Preschoolers on Fire Safety “If There’s a Fire at Home!” PDF

Colorful illustrations with brief textual descriptions for conducting discussions and activities with preschool children at daycare and at home. Each sheet is designed to be printed on A4-sized paper. The sheets can be glued together to create a booklet or hung on the wall as posters.

The posters feature the Emergency Rescue Phone Number 911. If the emergency number in your country is different, you can overlay your local number on top of the provided one.

Posters for Preschoolers on Fire Safety

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1. Loudly shout “Fire!” Call adults for help, get out of the room yourself, and assist younger ones. Do not hide during a fire and stay silent; inform adults about the fire, and evacuate the apartment.

2. Call neighbors for help if parents are not at home! Leave the apartment and knock or ring neighbors’ doors. Shout “Fire!” until adults hear you.

3. Do not open windows during a fire! Increasing oxygen flow into the room will intensify and accelerate the fire.

4. Exit to the street or the stairwell and call emergency services at 911! Clearly state your address and last name to rescuers. Leave the apartment door ajar, so rescuers can enter easily.

5. Do not use the elevator during a fire! In case of a short circuit, the elevator may be blocked, preventing you from getting out. Use the stairs to descend to the street.

6. If you are trapped in a smoke-filled room, move by crawling or breathe through a wet cloth! Smoke rises to the ceiling, so there is less smoke near the floor, and a wet cloth will help filter smoke during breathing.